Positive thought: 11/19/13

My doctor told me to find one positive thing a day.  This was back when I was on week two and a half or three.  He said I was too hard on myself and that I should focus on one positive thing a day, no matter how big or small.  Gee, Doc.  I don’t know why I’m so negative.  My legs don’t work.  I’m stuck in a hospital where I have to ask permission to go outside for a few minutes a day.  My insides were gutted, or at least it feels that way.  I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that they ripped out my muscles, put them in a blender on puree, poured it back into my back and then sealed me up.  But ok.  One positive thing.

I’ve been trying to do the “one positive thing a day” since then.  It really was good advice.  Today’s positive thing was simple to most people but huge for me: I made it into my closet.  The hubs and I moved into a new house while I was in the hospital.  Ok, he moved us in.  Like a true champ, he handled everything.  When I got home to our new place, I discovered that there were some rooms that I couldn’t get into.  It’s a new house and therefore, I figured, built according to ADA guidelines.  I assumed my wheelchair would fit everywhere.  I was wrong.  For example, the doors to all the bathrooms in the house are too small.  We literally had to take the door off the wall for me to fit through.  Awkward!

Much to my chagrin, the closet is another room I couldn’t fit into.  It was a hard turn that my wheelchair couldn’t make.  Until today.  I I made a 37 point turn to line up directly with the doorway.  I inched my way closer.  My hands didn’t fit on the wheels, so I used the sides of the door to push/squeeze my way through.  But after all that, I made it!  After much thought, planning, effort, I was finally in!

Here’s why this is a monumental achievement:  Have you ever tried to get dressed through another person.  If it’s a routine day where nothing much is going on other than lounging at home, errands or physical therapy, then it’s shorts and a t-shirt.  Nothing much there.  I have a certain number of each and they all seem to go together.  Whatever the hubs grabbed for me was fine.  But, on days where I’m going to work or out somewhere that I need to dress up, it could be a far bigger challenge.

Hubs: What do you want to wear?

Me: Oh, I don’t know.

Hubs: How about this? (showing a shirt)

Me: Ummmm, no.  I don’t like that one.

Hubs: Ok, how about this one? (bringing forth a new shirt)

Me:  No, that one doesn’t fit well.

Hubs: Ok.  How about this one? (voice getting more strained as he brings out a new shirt)

Me:  I don’t like that one.  How about the white one?

You could see how that would be frustrating for him.  Or, here’s another scenario (and yes, these actually happened):

Me:  I’d like to wear my silver sequined sleeveless top.

Hubs:  This one?  (bringing forth a top)

Me:  That’s a blouse, not a sleeveless top.

Hubs: This one?

Me:  That’s not silver.  That’s cream.  The silver one!

Hubs: This one?

Me:  That’s not sequined.  That’s glitter.

Ok, I don’t know if it was glitter.  I don’t know if I own a glitter top.  Quite frankly, that sounds messy.  The point is I could go check to see if I own a glitter top cause I fit in the closet and now I can pick out my own clothes.  And that is my positive thought for the day.

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