New wheels (almost)

I love shopping.  Typing that out, that seems like an understatement.  Like the amount of how much I love shopping just doesn’t come through.  I LOVE SHOPPING!!  My husband doesn’t share my love of shopping.  Nor is it one of my pasttimes he regularly encourages.  When the doorbell rings in the evening, he usually rolls his eyes and groans, as he knows that that is when UPS stops by our house.  And for a while, it was ringing regularly.  Fed Ex comes by in the morning.  I can usually get those in while he’s at work.  Though, that always backfires because A) I can’t get the boxes back out by myself and need him to do it; B) He’s a teacher and is home on summer vacation now, which means he’s home in the morning; and C) I have the most fashion observant husband- I can’t fool him with “Oh these/this old (insert clothing item here)?  I’ve had these/this forever!” He has a mental checklist of everything in my closet.

Oh, and USPS usually comes in the midday.  Normally our postman (no, I’m not being sexist- he is a man) just puts orders into the mailbox.  And the hubs has to get those, as our housing complex has one of those communal boxes up the street.  And we live on a hilly street.  With a steep driveway.  No way I’m getting there without him.  So I’m definitely sunk when it comes to USPS deliveries.

When I first got home from the hospital, I sat around with nothing to do but eat and shop.  In the hospital, the hubs had my wallet for “safe keeping”.  Whether the safety he was keeping it from was me or a hospital employee with sticky fingers is to be determined.  But, when I got home, and my trusty plastic card was back in warm embrace, there was no stopping me.  The hubs shouldn’t complain- he got presents too.  I’m an equal opportunity shopper.

Today, was maybe the purchase that I’m most excited about.  And was the most expensive.  And it was husband-approved.  I ordered a new wheelchair!  I have a pretty nice wheelchair now.  It was custom ordered by the drill sergeant.  But, it’s not the lightest wheelchair.  I think it weighs about 28 pounds.  That might not sound like a lot.  But, imagine sitting in a car with not the strongest core strength, trying to lift it into your car.  It’s like trying to lift a rhinoceros.  So, I decided to get a new one that I can now get in and out of the car by myself.  This means I can actually go places by myself.  I’m actually mostly excited to go to the pool so I can swim more often and to the hubs’ work when he’s in play rehearsal so I can watch.  I don’t care as much about the office or court, as I have my assistant, MVP* to help out there.  But this other freedom makes me happy beyond belief! This new wheelchair is titanium and weighs at most 10 pounds.  And it’s white with blue accents, which is going to be so pretty!  My PT 5-o’clock teased me when I mentioned it to him at pool therapy today.

My new wheels take about 2-6 weeks to be made and shipped.  It’s going to be such a long wait!  But so worth it!  Freedom, ease of movement, cute colors.  It’s going to be amazing!  It’s like going from an old tube tv to a slender new ultra 4K tv.  Sure, the tube tv worked just fine.  But the new one is like one million times cooler!  Oh, and with no push handles, I’ll be from people moving me around.  That’s worth it right there.

Bring on the titanium!

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