230 feet

So apparently I’m at the point in my recovery where I need to be stoked by little accomplishments.  I was able to add an additional 20-30 feet to my lap.  It doesn’t seem like a lot when I’m sitting here typing that out.  That’s barely the length of a motorhome  or a good sized sail boat.  But, when I’m walking, it seems like the length of a marathon.  My arms and abs are killing by the end.  (I threw in abs because I just recently learned that you actually use your abs when walking and if 5-0 happens to read this, I want him to see that I’m doing it right.)  By the end, my arms are shaking and I’m usually a sweaty mess.  5-0 says that walking like that for me is like a normal person running a bunch of miles.  Sometimes I think he makes things up to make me happy.  But, since I respond better to positive reinforcement, I’ll take it.  And run.  Hopefully.  Someday.  There’s a PT student who is currently working with 5-0.  We’ll call her Drill Sgt. Jr., since she also trained with Drill Sgt. and picked up some of his drill sergeanty behaviors.  Anyway, she’s been working with me too and is way better at the positive reinforcement these days.  But, just to show off and get a “good job”, I keep pushing it a little extra.  Whatever it takes, right?

I don’t have much else to say about it all right now.  But, I do have video.  [Sidenote: The hubs took this video.  I will go to jail for murder if he ever films me from this angle ever again.]  I love having video so I can compare.  Hubs pulled up video from in the hospital where I could barely move anything and I was so frustrated.  And then video from 6 months ago where I could barely lift my left foot off the floor and was beyond stoked.  When I get frustrated, it helps to see the past videos to keep me motivated.  Recovery is slow as molasses, but at least it’s still progressing.  And I’m still fighting.  And throwing out those pants in the video!  Awful.  Awful.

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