Kick in the pants

I had a conversation with my mother yesterday where she compared me to a mule.  (Not the best animal to be compared to, but definitely not the worst.  Elephant.  Whale.  Those would be worse.)  The reason for the comparison was her observation that I am a stubborn a$$.  As she put it, when I make my mind up about something, I sink my teeth in and don’t let go, even if I’m wrong.  Dear mom:  I’m a defense attorney.  The fact that I’m stubborn doesn’t shock anyone! Love, me.

She brought this up because apparently I hadn’t been working as hard as I should be lately.  I haven’t been to PT in months.  I have been going to the gym off and on the past couple of weeks.  But, not nearly as much as I should be.  And my diet is…lacking.  (Though, if they’ve recently added pizza and fast food to the food pyramid, I’d be doing great!)  But, when I went to see my neurosurgeon a few months ago, he wasn’t exactly promising about my future on two legs.  What I call “acclimating” to my new life, my mom calls “giving up”.

Cut to last Friday.  I received a call from one of my favorite people.  D was my main care taker when I was in the hospital.  And even though that was almost 2 years ago, he still calls and texts me to check-in to see how I’m doing.  Here is how our conversation went on Friday.

D: How’s physical therapy going?

Me: Eh, I’m not really going.

D: What?! Why?

Me: Because my doctor basically said I won’t walk again.

D: And he’s God?  What happened to my friend from the hospital who kept pushing?  Remember I’d be off for a few days and I’d come back and you’d be like “D!  Look what I can do now!  I don’t need you to do such and such.”

Me: Well, it’s hard.  And I’ve plateaued.  There haven’t been any changes lately.

D: So?  That means you give up?

When someone (other than your mother whose job is to nag you) puts it in your face like that, it’s kind of hard to ignore.  The conversation ended with me promising to get my butt in gear.

Now cut to this past Monday.  I get a call from D around noon.

Me: Hey D!

D: What exercise are you doing today?

Me: Well, I’m actually on my way to the gym now.

D: And walking?

Me: I’ll be tired after the gym, so…

D: So?!

Me: Ok, I will go to the gym, and I can do some standing, but I can’t promise walking, because I don’t know when the hubs will be home to help me.

D: Ok.  I’ll call you on Wednesday.  [click]

And I’m going on record here to say that I did go to the gym AND stand on Monday, and yesterday I went to the pool and pushed it doing laps.  I’m super sore today, but motivated to keep going.  And I took a picture of the standing for those naysayers who won’t take my word for it.


Now, I’m pretty sure that my mom is paying D to harass me.  And if she isn’t, she probably should be, cause he’s making her life much more enjoyable.  I’d argue back with my mom.  But D gives no room for argument.  When you’re a big, muscly dude who stands well over 6 feet tall, I don’t argue back as much.  And, the fact that he cares enough to check in and motivate me really means a lot to me.  It’s funny how you never know when you’re going to meet someone in life and how they will inspire, motivate and help you through life.  But, I’m really glad I met D and that he does care enough to keep giving me a kick in the pants to get my stubborn a$$ moving!