This is why I can’t have nice things!

One of the most unfortunate things about being in a wheelchair is that my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful clothes take a thrashing on the wheels.  I have wheel guards, which are plastic barriers between me and the wheels.  However, with the constant moving of my arms, shirts, sweaters and jackets come out from the barrier and rub on the wheels.  No matter how many times I tuck the errant shirt down, it inevitably comes out and rubs on the wheel.  Most of my clothes end up having smudges and streaks on the bottoms.  Sometimes they end up on the back which takes a bit of pondering to figure out how that comes about!

One of the options could be to wear only form fitting clothes which wouldn’t hang far from the body and drag upon the wheels.  But, with the whole “weight gain” combined with “para belly” [read: weak core = weak belly muscles = organs and what not dropping into the lower belly when seated] makes tight clothes not the best option.  (Though as my mom points out, if I lost weight then I wouldn’t have as much that would hang out.)  So then if becomes battle of narcissism and vanity versus ruined clothing.  That’s a tough one!

There’s also some things that can’t be tight: like my suit coats.  When I wear a suit to court, the jacket always comes out and rubs on the wheels.  Those aren’t tight.  I don’t even button them.  They have to hang open.  So then I’m back to square one with having marks on my clothes and hoping people are more oblivious and less judgmental about it than I am.

This may seem petty and very first world problemy.  And I acknowledge that there are WAY bigger things to worry about (like, getting back to that whole para belly thing with slipping organs and whatnot).  But, when you’re forced into a situation that you don’t have much control over, sometimes it’s the small things that you remember from your previous life that cause the biggest issues.  Having non-streaked clothes are something that shouldn’t be an issue but are sometimes unavoidable.  And sometimes a girl just wants to wear a white sweater without completely destroying it!

white sweater

Wounded Vets Parking Spaces

Every now and then you read something that makes you feel happy and also makes you think “WHY WAS THIS NOT A THING ALREADY?!”  I just came across a story while perusing very serious news sources (read: from my Facebook newsfeed) about groups of people who are painting parking spaces purple.  These new purple spaces will be respectfully designated for wounded vets.  I think that it absolutely amazing!  And again, why is this not already a thing?!  Veterans in general deserve so much respect!  And those who have become disabled as a result of their service definitely deserve all of the help they can get!  A purple parking space may seem trivial, but it’s a sign of respect.  I commend the businesses who are adding these spaces and hope that more follow suit.  Though, I do hope that they convert regular spaces and don’t take away from already blue spaces.  They should convert the closest blue spaces to purple and then add a couple more blue in the regular spaces.  That would be my own suggestion.

You can read the article here.