Wounded Vets Parking Spaces

Every now and then you read something that makes you feel happy and also makes you think “WHY WAS THIS NOT A THING ALREADY?!”  I just came across a story while perusing very serious news sources (read: from my Facebook newsfeed) about groups of people who are painting parking spaces purple.  These new purple spaces will be respectfully designated for wounded vets.  I think that it absolutely amazing!  And again, why is this not already a thing?!  Veterans in general deserve so much respect!  And those who have become disabled as a result of their service definitely deserve all of the help they can get!  A purple parking space may seem trivial, but it’s a sign of respect.  I commend the businesses who are adding these spaces and hope that more follow suit.  Though, I do hope that they convert regular spaces and don’t take away from already blue spaces.  They should convert the closest blue spaces to purple and then add a couple more blue in the regular spaces.  That would be my own suggestion.

You can read the article here.

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