Community Life

When I first became paralyzed, I wasn’t interested in getting to know anyone else in a wheelchair.  The hospital staff brought around a guy in a wheelchair to give me advice and whatnot.  But, I figured I was different.  I was getting better.  And for the next year after, I immersed myself in physical therapy.  Everything was geared toward my getting better.  But, then I slowly realized that I was alone.  I had this blog to vent or cheer, but no one to compare notes with.  No one to talk to about daily occurrences or freak things.  My family and close friends would try to help, but it just wasn’t the same.

Then I found a group on Facebook for people with spinal cord injuries.  This group was great because now I had a place where people were experiencing exactly what I was going through.  They offered their own advice, asked their own questions, posed their own stories.  And if you had a question, they were quick with advice.  Or if you wanted to brag a bit about something awesome, most were just as quick with words of praise and encouragement.  It’s a really neat group of which I’m a part.

Through that group, I found a group geared specifically toward moms in wheelchairs with spinal cord injuries.  You don’t actually have to be a mom: you can just want to have kids one day and want to join now to learn about the possibilities of that.  The fear of not being able to have and/or raise kids is a big deal for young women with spinal cord injuries.  Yes, it’s going to be hard (I don’t know yet, but should be learning any day now), but it’s definitely doable.  This group of moms in wheelchairs is such a great group to be in!  It’s even better than the general group, because it’s specifically women with similar interests: having a family.  We all offer support, encouragement, advice.  It’s fun to have this group of women who I have never met in real life to be able to talk with for the simple fact that they can relate.  No injury is exactly the same, but we are all mostly going through the same things.  And knowing that I have a community, that I am not some isolated island, is a HUGE part of the healing and recovery process.  I am so glad I found these groups and highly recommend it to any person out there who feels alone in their lives.

6 thoughts on “Community Life

  1. helensamia says:

    FB groups have been a life saver for me as I felt so alone and gad no one to ask questions off… The groups have helped so much… Do you think your group would let a grandma in waiting join??? My first grand child is due in April and it gas made me sad to think I cannot be the grandma I could have been … So maybe these ladies could help and encourage me as to how I could do things for me daughter and grandchild… Everything seems like a puzzle to unravel when learning this new life … Only someone else in a WC really knows … I wish you well with your impending birth xx Helen

    • I do believe there are quite a few older moms and grandmas in the group! Look up “Wheel Mommies”. The other one is Spinal Cord Peer Support USA, but I think you’re not in the US, right? Hope to see you in the group!!

      • helensamia says:

        Thanks I will look it up… I am Australia … I am in a couple of good groups for myself … Thanks

      • helensamia says:

        Ashley saw my message explaining I am to be a grandma and I have been able to join the Wheelie Mommies group.. I understand the need for care with these groups hence I wrote a message to explain …. Thank you so much for letting me know about this …

  2. helensamia says:

    I was not allpwed to join the WheelMomies group even though I wrote a message to explain my situation …i am sure I will pick up some tips else where…good luck when you gave your baby

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