The hubs and I don’t normally play the lottery.  We don’t really gamble at all.  But, we got swept up in the hype that goes along with the huge 800 million dollar Powerball going on right now.  Do I really think we’d win?  No.  But is it fun thinking about “what if?”  Hell yeah!  It’s worth the $20 we put in to think and talk about what we’d do with the money.  (Plus, you don’t win if you don’t play, even with the high improbability of winning.  Someone has to win, why can’t it possibly be me?)

What would I do with the money?

Savings.  First I’d put some in savings.  For both ourselves and in a separate account for the baby, so no matter what, he is always taken care of.  Some kind of long-term mutual fund or something.  With the stock market low, this would be a great time to buy in!

House.  We’d build our dream home in Wyoming.  We have this amazing 2 acres sitting there waiting for us in a perfect little town.  We’d build a great wheelchair friendly house on that lot.  We already plan on that for “someday”, but we’d get going on that a lot sooner!

Parents.  We’d do something great for our parents.  I’m thinking world cruise for his folks.  Harley for my dad.  My mom always says no presents because her family is all she’d ever want, so I’ll test that theory.  Just kidding, mom.  You will have something amazing.  It’s just going to take more thought.  What do you give to the woman who birthed you and took care of you?  Especially when you happen to be a major pain the ass who took those angsty teenage years and ran with them?  Or when you happen to find yourself in the hospital every couple of years for weeks on end and she gives up the comfort of her own home and practically moves into a hugely uncomfortable chair next to you just so she can be there for every little thing you need?  Or when you need months of home care after you’ve been discharged?  I’m going to have to think on that one a little more.

Wheelchair.  I love my wheelchair, but I’d trick it out.  Amazing wheels (mine are stock).  Get a custom seat with pressure mapping so I’m never uncomfortable again.  Maybe a hot guy to push me around all the time.  He’s also double as a personal trainer to help get me in shape.  (I’m sorry hubs, but it’s proven that the hot ones get better results.  That’s scientific.  You question that?  Fine.  We’ll hire a hot female chauffeur/tutor for the baby.  Happy?)  And I’d also get an off-roading wheelchair.  And a beach wheelchair.  And a freewheel.  And all the other cool gadgets to be able to do all things.

Peer support.  The hubs would quit his job and I probably would too, though I would reserve the right to come back to work on any really interesting cases for people who needed me.  And we would travel around to places where need me so I could help other people in wheelchairs.  I’d love to talk to newly wheelchair-bound people and give them advice and help.  People need to have someone they can talk to who relates to what they’re going through.  Doctors telling you it’s going to be OK is not the same thing as seeing someone living the life actually being OK.  It’s going to suck at times, but overall it’s going to be OK.

Broadway play production.  Now, I don’t know what all goes into one of those, or how much they cost.  But the hubs is a theatre director who is not just good, but is really quite amazing!  The productions he gets out of his high school kids are worthy of Broadway, so just think of what he could do with an actual Broadway production!  I’d like to see that, so we’ll make it happen.

Donating to the church.  That’s actually my number 2.  So, please mentally rearrange to go Savings, then donating to church, then house.  And I’m not just saying that because I think it will buy me some good karma ahead of the drawing.  I’m saying it because the government is going to take a huge chunk in the name of good that will be wasted.  So, I’d like to give a huge chunk because I want to and I know it actually will go to a good place.  I’d donate to our local church here, the one in Wyoming we go to, and to my friend, Father John.  He was the one who got me through the whole paralysis hospital thing.  I’d give his program a chunk and send him and some of his friends on a vacation too.  He deserves it!

And that is how I would spend my money.  I’d obviously go buck wild at Target (like I don’t already?!) and go on some major shopping trips.  And I’d want to take a vacation to Germany to meet some of the hubs’ relatives and eat more German food.  And I’d go to England to hang with my best friend and her family for a while.  My dream is to go to the Basqueland to see where my grandpa was from, but I don’t think that area is especially handicapped/wheelchair friendly.  Though, I suppose I could just hire someone to carry me through the streets.  That’d actually be pretty cool!  Add that to the list!

See…this fun was totally worth the twenty bucks!

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