New gym, new goals

The hubs and I started a new gym today.  I really liked the old gym, but I never felt comfortable there.  The owner couldn’t have been nicer or more dedicated to helping me when I was there.  But, me getting there was the issue.  I get intimidated very easy and there were always the super buff dudes walking around.  I always felt like they were wondering what the girl in the wheelchair was doing there.  I’m sure I wasn’t even on their radar, but that’s still how I felt.

This new gym is right by my house and is pretty quiet.  The hubs and I joined this morning and there were about 5 people working out.  Then we went back this evening and there were about 5 people when we got there and only 1 left by the time we were finished.  It was really nice!

This gym has a private room for classes.  When live classes aren’t going on, you can play a virtual class.  I decided to do a kickboxing class, which was mostly upper body.  It was amazing!  (You can find out more about the class under the Paraple-workout page.)  You have the convenience of a gym but the privacy of a private class.  I kept worrying that people were going to come in, but no one did.  Well, no one except one of the personal trainers who told me if I ever have any questions to not hesitate to ask him.  I have a training session with him on Wednesday, which I’m pretty excited about.

virtual boxing class

After the boxing class, I did an exercise where you take a medicine ball and throw it against a trampoline.  You catch it as it comes back at you.  I think it’s called a rebounder?  I didn’t even bother counting how many times I did that as I was just having too much fun.  I would guess I did it about 30 times.  Next time I will try to remember to count.  Yes, next time.  I’m already looking forward to going back!



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