Yin and Yang at the gym

I had a good day at the gym today.  No, strike that.  I had a GREAT day at the gym today.  It would have only been better had GunShow been there to give me a hard time.  I’ve really come to appreciate him there annoying pushing me.  I just hope he doesn’t read this and think that I’ve become a softy.

My other friend, Smiles, was there though.  He’s the gym manager.  But more importantly, he’s the nice yin to the mean GunShow yang.  Hence “Smiles”.  He’s always quick with a friendly word of encouragement.  Today he was almost sad when I told him I didn’t need help getting out of my car.  That’s how friendly most everyone who works there is!

But here’s why today was so great:  I didn’t have a very long time in the gym today as I had to get to the office for a client meeting.  So, after court I decided to stop by and do a quick video boxing class.  I hadn’t done one in a while since I started training with GS.  No one was in the room (I still don’t get why that room is rarely used??) so I figured that I might as well.  I tried not getting sweaty but that lasted like 3 seconds.  I did the warm up and then the punches. Awesome awesome awesome.  Then came the part for the kicks.  It starts with a knee lift and then a kick while it’s lifted.  I swear to God that I lifted my left knee as if I’d forgotten I was paralyzed.  It came up a couple inches and then I was able to control it out in a flick.  It wasn’t just completely flopping, it was actually controlled!  If anyone looked in the room they would have wondered why there was a crazy smiling and laughing girl in a wheelchair.  I almost wished GS had been there right then to see it cause he would have been stoked too.  I wanted to record it, but every muscle was focused on my left leg.  I worried if I moved a hand that I would have lost it in the leg department.  By this point I was a sweaty mess and beyond exhausted.  That takes everything out of me.  But I was so beyond stoked.  Any little change, improvement is huge!!  That’s what keeps me going.  Keeps me fighting!

I was going to tell Smiles, but he was busy with his boss and I didn’t want to interrupt.  There was a ladder involved and it seemed stressful.  I had just met her that morning but she seemed super nice too, so I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded the interruption.  Besides, imagine the PR: miracle gym gets obnoxious paralyzed girl to walk again.  Hey, it just may happen!

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