Yesterday morning, a young woman of 30 named Morgan “MoMo” Grandy passed away.  It was 5 days before her birthday.  I didn’t know her personally, but she was a part of a couple wheelchair groups to which I also belonged.  According to people who knew her, she passed away from sepsis.  Apparently she had been having a very long battle with pressure sores and UTIs.  Her last post on Facebook was about heading to the ER on August 30th and how she hoped she didn’t have to get admitted.  How chilling and sad is that?

I didn’t know this beautiful young woman, but I feel I can relate to her.  These problems she struggled with are constant fears of mine.  Of every wheelchair user.  People might wonder why I constantly shift in my seat or why I try sitting in different chairs or positions.  This is why: I am so afraid of pressure sores.  My left thigh is constantly in pain from sitting on all the time.  But what’s scarier is that my right is not. I have no feeling there.  It’s something always on my mind.  With a pressure sore, the easiest way of fixing them is to lay off it for weeks to months.  Obviously I can’t do that due to work and the Little Mister.  Worst case scenario is going to the hospital and having to have surgery.  That’s obviously not ideal either.  So all I can do is try to change the pressure and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t get one.  Having legs that don’t work is often just the beginning of problems that paraplegics face.

It’s just devastating to think that this young woman was in so much pain and that it ended so tragically.  It’s hard to not think about it.  Get stuck in your own head about it.  If it happened to her, it could happen to me.

Rest in peace, MoMo.  I hope you’re dancing in the clouds and pain free now.