Playing with the baby

Today after the gym I had some time to hang out with the Little Mister.  We’ve been working on crawling/standing/pulling up.  These are all hard to do if he’s with me on the sofa or in a chair.  We sometimes can practice in his crib.  But, he’s getting too big and too active these days.  The natural solution is to get down with him on the ground.  Getting on the ground is a lot easier than it sounds when you’re a paraplegic.  The getting up is the hard part.  Here is the trick that I have learned: it’s all about leverage.  I normally transfer to the ground from a chair or the sofa, with my wheelchair right next to it.  I place my right hand on my wheelchair and my left hand on the chair.  My legs are in front of me.  I lower myself to the ground while focusing on trying to use my legs to support some weight.  Getting up is just a reverse, with the exception of my legs.  When getting back up, I leave my legs out front of me straight.  I don’t really know the physics or biology behind it, but it’s just easier.  Is it a lot of work?  Yes.  Is it difficult?  Not really, but kind of.  Is it worth it?  100% yes!


One thought on “Playing with the baby

  1. Fee says:

    I have read though your blog the last couple of days and just wanted to leave a quick comment.
    You sound like such a nice and funny (in the best of ways) person and are such an inspiration.

    You rock, keep going xx

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