Boxing Video

I joined a new gym that has virtual classes that you can do in a workout room.  There are something like 60 different types of classes.  Stretching/yoga, aerobic, everything.  I chose to do a boxing class today.  It claimed to be mostly punching, and I agree with that synopsis.  It began with some simple stretching.  Then went into some punching combinations.  They did bouncing between sets and they did some kicking combinations.  When it was bouncing, I just did arm movements (like shaking ans shrugging).  When it was kicking, I did punching for front kicks, elbows for back kicks, and side crunches for side kicks.  Take that obliques!  The class was 35 minutes and it definitely made me work up a sweat!  I would have preferred longer, with more aggressive combinations.  But, for a virtual class, this couldn’t be beat!  I plan on using this video at least once a week for cardio purposes.

virtual boxing class