Crib shopping

Setting up a nursery is a really fun experience.  It’s also slightly overwhelming when you think that the choices you make could subconsciously effect how your baby grows and develops.  With that in mind, the hubs has chosen a baseball theme as he is determined that our little one will grow up to play for the Chicago Cubs.

No, we don’t live in Chicago.

For most parents-to-be, choosing a crib is a fun experience which comes down to “do we like oak or mahogany better?”  or “are we wanting something traditional or more modern?”.  Fun choices.  Aesthetic choices.

But when you’re parenting from a wheelchair (or if you’re on the shorter height side) choosing the right crib can be torturous.  The FDA outlawed the drop side crib.  When I tell that to anyone who hasn’t had a baby in the past 3 years they all respond with “I raised [X number of] babies in a drop side crib!”  Apparently they’re dangerous.  I appreciate the fact that the government is trying to protect babies.  I don’t appreciate that there aren’t many alternatives.

With drop side cribs out of the picture, I was looking for something with (for the lack of a better term) French Doors.  You know, the front panel would have hinges and attach to each other in the middle.  I found one like that but it started at $2000.  No, it was not made out of pure gold.  After recovering from heart failure at the sticker price, I looked to see if there was anything else like that which would not require a mortgage.  I found nothing.  The hubs looked for something similar.  He found nothing.  My mother looked.  She found nothing.  The only thing any of us found were websites about people who modified their own.

We did find a crib where the top portion folded down about 8 inches.  But, apparently they built it higher so that the top portion was still regular crib height.  What the heck?!

Then hubs found the perfect crib called the Wonder Crib!  It’s a Wonder that it took us so long to find it and a Wonder that it was the only thing like it on the market!  It features a motorized unit which raises the mattress from low to high.  The website said it could even be used as a changing table.  Hallelujah!  The picture showed a woman easily placing a baby in and out of the crib.  We ordered it immediately!

When the crib arrived, we were anxious to put it together.  However, the box came with no instructions.  Great!  And by the time we figured it out, it was after business hours.  So I emailed them and they responded first thing the next morning with an apology and instructions.  The hubs worked tirelessly to put it together, which went pretty well with one small hiccup- he put the back and sides all together and then realized the back panel was on backwards.  So he had to take it apart, flip it around and then reattach.  Whoops!

me and crib

The finished product was beautiful!  It was so sturdy!!  Little baby boy won’t bounce and the whole thing fall apart!  The mattress lifted like it was supposed to.  Though, it didn’t go nearly as high as it seemed to in the video. How can people use it as a changing table?  And wait a minute…is the edge higher than my shoulder??


Yes, as my sad face indicates, it was definitely higher than my shoulder.  This would have been high on me if I wasn’t in the wheelchair!  (I was 5’4″ pre-paralysis)  It was even high on the hubs who is 6’0!  The woman in the video must have been Heidi Klum in 6″ stilettos height!

So while I still love this crib and think that it is a great affordable option for a person in a wheelchair, we’re now going to be forced to modify it.  The hubs has figured out some strategic hinges and locks which should work.  Otherwise, hit me up if you need some firewood.  Fingers crossed that this crib will work when modified!

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