Handicapped Parking Shaming

Handicapped parking is there for a reason.  It’s not that a person with disabilities is lazy and needs to be close.  We simply need room to get our wheelchairs in and out of the vehicle.  And going through a parking lot can be dangerous.  I personally wouldn’t mind if the handicapped parking spaces were in the back of the lot as a means of getting more exercise.  But, I know that many people are more nervous of inattentive drivers running them over.

One time when I was pulling into the parking lot at my office building, a guy had parked his truck perpendicular to the handicapped spot to run something into another office.  I waited patiently for him to get out and move his truck.  I *politely* gave him a look of disgust as he entered his inferiority-complex of a truck.  He threw it into reverse, rolled down his window and proceeded to call me an asshole.  And here I had kept my cool by not flipping the bird or yelling any obscenities at him!  He was the one blocking the handicapped spot for no reason!!  He drove off and I parked, but was left fuming.  I wish I had done so many other things- written down his plate number, taken a picture, told him to eff off, etc.  And that is how the portion of this blog came to be!

As best I can, I will take identifying marks off of the vehicles.  I want to raise awareness, not lower myself to these people’s jerky levels.  The point of it is, don’t be rude and park in a handicapped stall if you don’t actually need it.  And if you’re parking next to a handicapped stall, don’t invade our space.  We’re not asking for much- just a safe place to load and unload.

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