Maternity Pants

So this may sound odd, but my God-send has been maternity pants.  (anyone from Britain, stop laughing.  I’m talking slacks, not under-lovelies)  Think about it: they’re normally regular material (slacks, jeans, etc.) with the added comfort of an elastic band and the decency saving feature of an extra material panel which will save any “plumber’s crack” from appearing.

Anyone in a wheelchair has come to realize that buttoning pants is so difficult!  We’re at an awkward angle when pulling them up.  And many popular styles use some type of low-rise, which does not do any favors to a person in a wheelchair.  When I try to use some jeans that I wore pre-paralysis, it cuts me off in my low stomach and does not come up over my bottom.  Now, if I lay down on my bed, I sometimes don’t have the same issues.  However, I try to get dressed while sitting up in order to mimic any problems which may occur if I’m out in public.  I’d rather not lay on the bathroom floor to pull up pants if I have to use the restroom while out.

Maternity pants are very comfortable.  They’re usually a bit stretchier, which makes seated pulling up very easy.  And the elastic band often does not create the muffin top, which many of us are forced to endure.  If you have scar or nerve sensitivity, the elastic waist doesn’t usually impact that at all.

Now for the negatives.  Number 1: They’re maternity pants.  If you carry weight in your midsection (like I do) you may encounter some awkward conversations about when you’re due.  This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time.  Number 2: There’s extra material in the waist band depending on the height of the panel.  Some of my favorite pants are the fully belly panel, which means if I’m not careful, the band will roll down and add even more circumference to my waist.  I try to pull the band up which I think works similarly to spanx, though I know it actually doesn’t.  And it ensures that I’m not putting on a free crack show when transferring into my car.

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