When I first ended up in the wheelchair, clothes were very problematic.  (To be fair, they’re still problematic, but I’m learning how to cope.)  For people not in a wheelchair, go to a chair and try to put on pants without using your legs.  I’ll wait.

Not fun, right??  When my Occupational Therapists first tried to teach me, I looked at them like they’d gone crazy.  I told them that I would channel my sister who lives in cute little dresses.  The only problem there: she’s dainty and feminine.  I am the ultimate tomboy.  Jeans and sneakers are my go to mode of dress.  My mom loves telling the story of when I was little, she would fight me to put me in a dress.  I would always win.  For several years, the Christmas picture would be my sister in a frilly dress and me in velvet knickers.  I may have been a tomboy, but I still liked soft and pretty things.

I bought a couple dresses, but then I realized a whole new problem: when you’re in a wheelchair wearing a knee-length dress, people can see right up.  Easy fix- tights or leggings.  New problem: I live in the desert where it’s 90 degrees or more for 9 months out of the year.  Not fun.  Not unsweaty.

I did live in sweatpants, gym shorts and t-shirts for probably a good 6 months.  But, I realized I had to wear real clothes every now and then.  I can only use the “But I’m in a wheelchair!” excuse for so long.  The following is a few things I have learned over the months on how to be stylish, comfortable and functional.

Wheelchair gloves (G-loves)

Maternity Pants

One thought on “Paraple-fashion

  1. Evelyn M Nelson says:

    Have the same problem. Will try maternity pants. Also, very big problem this winter – finding jackets and vests with 2-way zippers. Not easy! And women in wheelchairs (and men too, I guess) need to be able to open the bottom of the jacket, coat, whatever. Wheelchair belly will get you everytime! And I’m not too heavy…124-125 lbs (a lot of that has ended up in the wheelchair belly). Wheelchair modified clothing for me is a no-no. Yuck! Their recommendation is the cape. Really! When you’re 5 ft tall, you look like a toadstool in a cape. Spare me the ugly wheelchair clothing.

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