I’ve started a new feature on this blog.  It’s called Handicapped Parking Shaming.  #hcappedparkingshaming if you’re a hipster.  I’m tired of people parking in spaces that don’t belong to them.  Now, I’m not talking about seeing someone with a placard who gets out and skips to where they are going.  I try to not judge people based on their mobility because you never know what a person suffers from.  (Ok, I try to not *outwardly* judge.  Inside I’m probably judging up a storm.)  But rather, this page is specifically for people who are blatant rule violators.  Those who use the space as a drop-off zone or for those who park over the lines.  Things of that nature.  Maybe if the word starts spreading, awareness will rise and people will act less douchey when it comes to parking where they are supposed to.

One can dream, right??